Thursday, August 28, 2008

Exams Are Crap!!!!

Exams are nearing an end... but i really feel that 4 months worth of education is really worthless... for example, the safety and hygiene book is abot 500 pages long, but the question are only a chapter, not even the full chapter, its just a point from the chapter... i really dont understand why but?? Wat the hell??? really stupid right, the only paper which showed common sense was the Bahasa kebangsaan paper... the question are from the text book... there was even one paper that the questions came out not even one related to the text book... what the text book for then???? the reason i'm actually complaing is because i know i screwed up one paper... i really dunno how that i could have screwed it, but i knew i did.... hopefully i'l get a pass and hopefully the next exams could be better...


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