Sunday, September 7, 2008

Malaysian Football

I love football, nothing is more important to me then football, I'm a big fan of Manchester United, LA Galaxy(obviously after beckham went there), Real Madrid, The Portugease national team... ok u may wonder that why i dont support any of the local teams or our national team?? honestly, i was a big fan of PERAK!! my local state team. i never use to miss any of thier home games, i even use to travel for a few of thier away games. they use to be the bomb, the expirience the in stadium is something perak fans will never forget, as they use to be the most loyal supporters in the history of malaysian football.
This use to happen in every home games, full crowd, the songs(kejor yob kejor), the chants everything use to be enjoyable, but nowdays, rarely even 2000-3000 people turn up to watch local teams play. the crowd has been decreasing since the past 3-4 years. where and who should be blamed for this?? The FAM?? The Players? The Management?? or The Crowd Them self... obviously u cant blame the ceowd for not coming right?? we only pay for the best right?? hmmm.. the players?? perhaps is not right to blame them...
ok, i wanna be straight here, i think the problem with malaysian football is, there is not enough people within the managment that really knows about the game, the FAM should involve more people with the knowladge of football into the association, ex players like azman adnan, sheeby singh, arumugam all should lend thier hands into making malaysia a better team.FAM also should seek help from foreign coaches and players. our local selected players should be sent to train with the best european clubs. ex players from the european division should be brought in to help with the coaching department, the task of managing the national team shouldd be given to a non local manager, yes, The Malaysian goverment and the FAM should tempt people like Lawrie Sanchez(ex fulham and mexico), Ruud Gulitt(ex La Galaxy and Barcelona), Steve Mcmahon(ex Liverpool), it sound unrealistic but make a offer they cant reject. its not like our country is poor or something. Guus Hiddink is coaching the South african team and yes i think they are poorer the we are. hmmmm, if they still think that having a local manager, get Sheeby Singh(ex Selangor and MyTeam), he has proven himself as a good manager when he brought up the MyTeam thing and nearly beat the Malaysian team. recently also the FAM decided to only let local players play in the league where imports are banned. What the hell??? those imports are lighting the remaining of our already dimmed football league, haiz, please revise the rule.. i plea to u.. do something fast, our current world ranking is 169/220, even Kong Kong is above us, aiyoyo!!!


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