Monday, March 23, 2009

What does Love mean to me?????

to be frank, i have never fallen so deeply in love before, yes i have dated and have said that the girl i love means more to me then anything in this world.... but recently i've begun to feel that its pointless to be in love anymore. love for me is a distraction. it has ditracted me entirrely thru my life, i admit that love has made me think about my footballing career once before, does love really exist in this world???? hmmmm,,,, true love in paticular, its hard to find those, really,,,,,, i dun want to be in the situation that i have to choose between love or football because the obvious choice is....... definently, the one that involves kicking a ball and hurting my self, i've enjoyed hurting my self during football so much that it has become an addiction. anyway i shall just wait and see how things go.......


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