Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tribute to One Of The Most succesful wrestler!!

Jeffrey "Jeff" Nero Hardy (born August 31, 1977) is an American professional wrestler. He currently works for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on the SmackDown brand.Before gaining prominence in WWE, Hardy performed for the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts (OMEGA), a promotion he ran with his brother Matt After being signed by WWE, the brothers worked as jobbers, before gaining notoriety in the tag team division, partly due to their participation in Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches.With the addition of Lita, the team became known as Team Xtreme and continued to rise in popularity. As a tag team wrestler, Hardy is a six-time World Tag Team Champion and a one-time WCW Tag Team Champion.Hardy has also experienced success as a singles wrestler and is a three time World Champion, having held the WWE Championship once and World Heavyweight Championship twice, a four-time Intercontinental Champion, and has held the Light Heavyweight, and European Championships once each. He is also a former Hardcore Champion, having held the championship on three occasions.He received his first major main event push towards the end of 2007, including challenging for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble in 2008, and eventually won the WWE Championship at the Armageddon pay-per-view in December 2008.Moreover, Hardy is involved in motocross, music, painting, and other artistic endeavors.He is currently a member of the band Peroxwhy.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What does Love mean to me?????

to be frank, i have never fallen so deeply in love before, yes i have dated and have said that the girl i love means more to me then anything in this world.... but recently i've begun to feel that its pointless to be in love anymore. love for me is a distraction. it has ditracted me entirrely thru my life, i admit that love has made me think about my footballing career once before, does love really exist in this world???? hmmmm,,,, true love in paticular, its hard to find those, really,,,,,, i dun want to be in the situation that i have to choose between love or football because the obvious choice is....... definently, the one that involves kicking a ball and hurting my self, i've enjoyed hurting my self during football so much that it has become an addiction. anyway i shall just wait and see how things go.......

Friday, November 7, 2008

Suren All Time Favourite English Primier League Players

1.Petr Cech(Chelsea)(Chezh Republic)
2.David Seaman(Arsenal)(England)

1.Rio Ferdinand(Man Utd)(England)
2.John Terry(Chelsea)(England)
3.John Arne Risse(Liverpool)(Norway)
4.Gabriel Heinze(Man Utd)(Argentina)

1.Cristiano Ronaldo(Man Utd)(Portugal)
2.Patrick Vieara(Arsenal)(France)
3.Roy Keane(Man Utd)(Ireland)
4.David Beckham(Man Utd)(England)
5.Steven Gerrad(Liverpool)(England)
6.Steve McManaman(Liverpool)(England)

1.Michale Owen(Liverpool,Newcastle)(England)
2.Ruud Van Nistelrooy(Man Utd)(Holland)
3.Fernando Torres(Liverpool)(Spain)
4.Wayne Rooney(Man Utd)(England)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Orentation Night 2008

Hmmmm, well here it goes since judee was making a big fuss about me not posting it, lolz... this is for u sis!!!! Well orentation Night or o'nite in simple words is an event organized by college every year, it similiar like a prom night but the only difference is that they sun have the prom it self... hahaha, the mainevernt of this event is the crowning of the Mr And Miss Olympia, first my congratulations to Shirley for winning the miss title, as expected she had to win... was a bit sad for veeran though, but shirley deserved it..

A Shot Of Me And The Most Beautiful Girl in Olympia!!!

hmmm, so the tickets cause sumwhere near sixty.. haiz, was it worth it... dunno la cant say for me it was ok la until the part where they didnt allow us to go into the pool, like anywan cares... hahaha we still went into the pool no matter what,

so, this is it... the day started where all thos who are involved had to be in Lost World as early as 10, went there and sat like a dungu only, couldnt do anything as the stupid stage was set at the wrong place, and it was so damm small, what the heck??? come on la, how to dance and fashion walk on it, will fall of la.. haiz, then after dicussion they agreed to change it to sumwhere else and the stage now was 100times better, so much beta, hahah, ok we ware all allowed to practice at 1 only so we decided to go for a walk lor, went jalan jalan to the tigers den... the tigers as expected damm lame, damm lazy all they do is eat and sleep, typical malaysian tigers... then afta the tiger walk, we went back and i started chasing veeran and sheki with a water pistol, hahaha, damm fun.hmmm after that we all went lunch at a nearby shop, then we went giant for some last minute shopping... Arvin bought us all slippers, and it was so nice, thanks arvin.

This Are The The Slippers!!

now, back to lost world, we started our last minute practice, time after time just to make everthing perfect, poor dancers, they ware running out of steam already, lucky us we only did the fashion show, but it was hard too. then about five after arranging we all went home for a quick shower, bathe and came back to lost world for make up and hair do, when Haresh suddenly apporached me, Suren, where is the cd for the modelling??? i was like, i tot u ware preparing it, and he went, u cant expect me to do everything, go and do the cd now!!! haiz, rush back home and burned a copy, thanks to kaarthik for his car and his patience,

the hair do was bad, the previous people who did for us wasn't there, they sent us juniours, and they took half an hour to just make my hair straight, haiz, the make up was k, but no much effect on me la, lolz,,, hahahaa,

Still Sempat To Take Pic

after the make up, got into my costume, and was shock to see, Danny a.k.a Joker, his make up was super nice

Joker Was Ever Ready To Kill Me
hmmm, so then thee crowd was getting in, as expected the directors came early, but then the crowd for the event was, omg!!! hancur la, i thin not even 150 people la, haiz... damm sad, all the hard work?? i mean like wtf right??? but the show had to go on right, we all performed la, first, the Kebudayaan Melayu Dance, who the hell ever invited them?? damm la, then, we had the occ dance which included Joker, hahah , damm funny, then Kevin's dance, and the stole the show, superb dancing... after that was the fashion show, at this point, i was like no matter what dont make a fool of ur self boi, when it was mine and hui ping's turn i knew she was scared too, when i held her hands, it was shaking!!! hahahaha, damm funny,

Hmmm, The Malay King And Queen!

As soon after our performence, me and hui ping ran into the dressing room to change and we charged at the food, so damm hungry, and yet the food had to suck, damm lame?? who prepare wor??? haiz wat to do, eat only la... so hentam hentam then the rest joined us,, and guess who arrived after that?? jon!!! two hous late and he missed the show!! fucker betul!! damm bengang with him but sabar la suren u love ur bro right!!! tat fellow came so late and complain about the party wor, i know la its teruk but come on la, u shud have come early man!!!!

nothing much from this point as the party became lame, shirley was crowned miss olympia, and then the dj took over the party, haiz, hitz came up with some game and i won a hotlink goodie bag!!! hahaha, havent open it also.. lolz,

tiring day was dissapointed la, but still managed to have fun, hope next year will be so much beta then this, if i'm still arounf to attend it la,

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Malaysian Football

I love football, nothing is more important to me then football, I'm a big fan of Manchester United, LA Galaxy(obviously after beckham went there), Real Madrid, The Portugease national team... ok u may wonder that why i dont support any of the local teams or our national team?? honestly, i was a big fan of PERAK!! my local state team. i never use to miss any of thier home games, i even use to travel for a few of thier away games. they use to be the bomb, the expirience the in stadium is something perak fans will never forget, as they use to be the most loyal supporters in the history of malaysian football.
This use to happen in every home games, full crowd, the songs(kejor yob kejor), the chants everything use to be enjoyable, but nowdays, rarely even 2000-3000 people turn up to watch local teams play. the crowd has been decreasing since the past 3-4 years. where and who should be blamed for this?? The FAM?? The Players? The Management?? or The Crowd Them self... obviously u cant blame the ceowd for not coming right?? we only pay for the best right?? hmmm.. the players?? perhaps is not right to blame them...
ok, i wanna be straight here, i think the problem with malaysian football is, there is not enough people within the managment that really knows about the game, the FAM should involve more people with the knowladge of football into the association, ex players like azman adnan, sheeby singh, arumugam all should lend thier hands into making malaysia a better team.FAM also should seek help from foreign coaches and players. our local selected players should be sent to train with the best european clubs. ex players from the european division should be brought in to help with the coaching department, the task of managing the national team shouldd be given to a non local manager, yes, The Malaysian goverment and the FAM should tempt people like Lawrie Sanchez(ex fulham and mexico), Ruud Gulitt(ex La Galaxy and Barcelona), Steve Mcmahon(ex Liverpool), it sound unrealistic but make a offer they cant reject. its not like our country is poor or something. Guus Hiddink is coaching the South african team and yes i think they are poorer the we are. hmmmm, if they still think that having a local manager, get Sheeby Singh(ex Selangor and MyTeam), he has proven himself as a good manager when he brought up the MyTeam thing and nearly beat the Malaysian team. recently also the FAM decided to only let local players play in the league where imports are banned. What the hell??? those imports are lighting the remaining of our already dimmed football league, haiz, please revise the rule.. i plea to u.. do something fast, our current world ranking is 169/220, even Kong Kong is above us, aiyoyo!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Shocking News of The Final Day Transfer Market!!!


Okie, many of you might not know what the hell is this, the transfer market is a season where teams can buy players from another team for the required amount of money. much have been happening this period of the transfer market, star players have been linked with big clubs all summer. for example, Cristiano ronaldo has been linked with Real Madrid all time but ended up staying in Manchester United for another season, thats good news for all manchester united supporters as nobody will wanna lose thier top scorer right??? then there was the transfer of Deco to Chelsea for about 20mil and Jose Bosingwa for about 10mil, Samri Nasri joins Arsenal for about 11mil, arsenal also beat Manchester United into the signing of Aaron Ramsey from Cardif City. Liverpool could only raid the transfer market locally when they splashed 20mil on Robbie Keane, good buy??? i dunno ler, think so, he is an all out striker, scores bout 15-20 goals per season. Liverpool also splashed the cash on Albert Riera from Espanyol. the biggest departures from the BPL is hmmm... Shevshenko to AC Milan on loan, tats it ler... looks like the BPL teams wants to hold on thier players. Totenham was on a spending spree when they landed, Paluvychenko,Bently,Dos Santos,Corluka and Modric for about 100mil, cool huh?? lets see how they'll spare this season. hmmm.. Newcaslte spend some cash on Jonas Gutirrez,Collocini and Guthrie. but the biggets news from the transfer market happened only on the deadline when the longest saga on the transfer window came to an end. Dmitrav Berbatov joins Manchester United for 28mil after nearly 6 months worth of persuit. another shocking news was when Robinho arrives in the BPL to wear a blue shirt. only it wasn't the shirt of the club wanted him badly (Chelsea). He joined Manchester City of all clubs, smashing the British transfer record fee of 33.5mil. now thats news. Well the BPL season has kicked of again, so lets see how this new stars will fare for thier clubs.

33.5mil to

30 mil to

Friday, August 29, 2008

My sad Love story!!!

This few days my life has been in a complete disturbia!!! seriosly wei.. recently i have been going online at night a lot wei... and i have been talking to 'someone' online a lot.. though we have been talking very less but though the feelings is really coming back wei.. the calls she gave me out of concern and lots others, the thing is i was truly in love with her once, i'm affraid i'l fall for her agian... this truely no good wei... i've moved on,